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Bridging agent HX213 as solvent PA, PU special bridging agent, due to the active key in the process of reaction even closed in time, thus, hydroxyl and carboxyl more dense mesh structure is formed after crosslinking (fastness will not rebound), and has more excellent film-forming, toughness, adhesion, and mixed with colloid storage time is long, after the glue is widely used in coating, composite, flocking, printing and other industries (Shen used for rolling, and the amount is not greater than 5% of the glue water,), can effectively improve solvent PA, PU crosslinking fastness with cloth, greatly improve the product such as wear resistance, tensile strength, resistance to water pressure performance metrics.

Appearance: colorless transparent to microyellow viscous liquid

Viscosity: 200~1000cps Viscosity test specification: NDJ-1/2#转(30℃)

Solid content: ≥65% Solid form test method: 3g sample/105℃/3hr

Ph: 8.5~11.5

Solubility: any proportion of soluble in general solvent

Packing: net weight 20kg, iron drum packaging

Storage transportation: the bridge agent HX213 is very easy to react to water. Therefore, it is suitable to seal completely in storage to prevent the bridge-building agent from hardening, and because it contains organic solvents, it should be stored in a cool and ventilated place and prevent the fire source

Note: before using this product, be sure to need strict test and inspection on manufacturing products, our company only this product performance is responsible for the continuity within the allowable range.


三聚氰胺架桥剂HX1208(1).jpg  三聚氰胺架桥剂HX1208(2).jpg

Ⅰ. Use:

HX1208/HX800F is a special bridging agent and bridging accelerator for the two-liquid PU resin coating. It has high degree of bridge, good fastness and high resistance to water pressure.

Ⅱ. Physical:




Transparent viscous liquid

Transparent yellowish liquid

Solid content 105>℃>×3h)/℅



viscosity( 30>℃>)/mp.s


Free formaldehyde weight percentage


Ⅲ. reference formula: two liquid PU resin (solid content 45%)

HX12028            5

HX800F              2

Two liquid type PU resin with HX1208 / HX800F bridging reaction in the heating conditions, bridge temperature is 150 ℃ by two minutes.

Ⅳ. Storage and packaging

1. Should be stored in cool and ventilated dry place, away from the fire source, to prevent the rain from dampness

2. At room temperature (0-40 ℃) storage conditions, the shelf life for six months

3. HX1208 is plastic drum packaging, net weight 25 kg; HX800F is packed in plastic drum, net weight 20 kg

Widely used in the textile industry