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Melamine foam

Melamine foam, also known as melamine foam or Mina dish - melamine foam, is the international 1990s successfully developed a new type of sound absorption, heat insulation, heat preservation materials. Compared with glass wool, polyurethane foam and other similar products, melamine foam has the advantages of high flame retardant, environmental protection, health and safety. Melamine foam sponge is a new type of environmental protection sponge with many excellent properties, such as sound-absorbing, flame retardant, heat insulation, humidity and heat resistance, good cleaning performance, low density, light weight, health safety and good secondary processing. It is a flexible open foam made from melamine resin. It is a thermosetting resin plastic in the amino plastics family. Its characteristic is reflected in its high porosity fine three - dimensional mesh structure. Melamine foam as a chemical new materials, the products are widely used in civil, transportation, military, automobile manufacturing, automobile industry, plant construction, building insulation, acoustic laboratory, studio thermal engineering, equipment, air conditioning systems, aerospace navigation, electronic products, daily cleaning, high-speed rail, light rail, subway, rail transportation, equipment room, air duct, doors, walls, roof, seat of the compartment, side wall thermal insulation, floor etc. Need to drainage and surrounding the engine. Melamine foam foam insulation effect is outstanding, and compared with the traditional insulation cotton light weight, reduce the vehicle weight, improve the safety of turning, reduce energy consumption. Melamine foam can provide an efficient scheme for industrial noise reduction. After the heterosexual cutting can be used for automobile engine thermal insulation cotton, hood muffler cotton; Construction: indoor flame retardant soft bag, KTV theater flame retardant silencing cotton, theater, sports ground, high-grade residence; Industry: gas pipeline, wind pipe, hot water heater, air conditioner, plant noise reduction and insulation and other fields have very important application value, especially suitable for flame retardant, high temperature, noise reduction under the conditions of demand, is a new environmental protection material with great development prospects in the 21st century.