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Zhejiang Yadina new material technology Co. LTD

Stock code(833301)

efary.pngAdd: Nine Li Ting Avenue in Pinghu, Zhejiang aef.pngWeb: http://www.zjydn.net rtyhety.pngE-mail: zoey.tang@zjydn.com aefadr.pngZip code: 314214
Headquarters contact information tyjry.pngTel: +86 0573-85961961 yjryu.pngFax: +86 0573-85978356

    Modified melamine resin department

    yjryu.png  Tel: +86-0573-85961961

    sefe.png  Fang manager: +86-13586392138

    Melamine foam department

    sefe.pngJiang manager: +86-13586346868

    yjryu.png  Tel: +86-0573-85961961

    rtyhety.png   Fax: +86-0573-85968988

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