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Sales manager (full-time)

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  • Workplacepinghu
  • Dealnegotiable
  • Release Date2017-10-31
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Working lifeMore than 3 years    

Degree requiredJunior college  

Foreign language requirementEnglish

Job responsibilities:

           1. Formulated and implemented marketing plans according to the business objectives of the company, and promoted the product promotion plan to achieve the sales targets set by the company; 

           2. Responsible for the implementation and monitoring of promotional activities; 

           3. Responsible for the analysis and evaluation of the market in the region;

           4. Selection, negotiation and management of dealers.

           5. Assist dealers in the negotiation and daily maintenance of KA stores;

           6. The daily operation and promotion management of the business channel.

Job requirements: 

           1. College degree or above, major in marketing, management, etc. 

           2. More than three years of daily necessities, quick elimination of the experience of super channel management, familiar with the operation process and operation mode of the company's supersystem;

           3. Be familiar with the business super industry system in the region and have a good relationship with customers; 

           4. Have strong market analysis, marketing, promotion and promotion ability, and excellent negotiation skills and skills; 

           5. Good character, good communication skills, coordination ability and team cooperation ability; 

           6. Able to withstand greater work intensity and work pressure and adapt to business travel.

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