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Channel/distribution manager (full-time)

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  • Workplacepinghu
  • Dealnegotiable
  • Release Date2017-10-31
  • ValidityNo limit


Degree requiredJunior college  

Job responsibilities:

        1. To develop new customers through various sales channels, understand the customer's intention, understand the customers' demands, and grade the customers, and provide the basis for the investment strategy;

       2, cooperate with the department manager in market research work, grasp the market tendency of maintaining existing customer resources to improve sales, provide market information collection, summary, establish archives information, customer analysis;

        3. Responsible for completing the brand joining negotiation.


        1. 20 to 35 years old, with more than one year experience, outstanding fresh college students can reserve training;

        2. Good image, decent and decent, considerate and patient, strong sense of service, strong communication and expression ability;

        3. Have strong customer development awareness and can independently develop customers;

        4. Good teamwork ability.

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