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Stiffening agent HX80

HX modified melamine resin, melamine and formaldehyde by the condensation of etherification product, the department has the best performance and use one of the most popular textile resin finishing agent, has been widely and widely used in textile industry, such as applied to plant trees flannelette, silk cloth, non-woven cloth, wedding dress, bags fabric, lining, lining cloth, mesh cloth, tent cloth, coated cloth, lace cloth, etc., to provide cellulose fiber lasting wrinkle resistance, shrinkage and hydrophobic, synthetic fiber such as polyamine, polyester and other persistent styling and solid feeling.

I. product characteristics

1. Appearance: transparent viscous liquid;

2. Effective ingredients:80.0 ±.2%;

3. PH value:8.0 - 10.0;

4. Viscosity (25 degrees) :800 -1000cps;

5. Free formaldehyde:0.4-0.6%;

6. Storage stability: the cool and ventilated place can be stored for 3 months.

7. Solubility: can be dissolved in any proportion of water, and some acids can form colloid;

8. Use sex: it can be used in bath with most textile auxiliaries;

9. Stability in bath tank: over 5 hours.

Ⅱ.Characteristics of processed products

1) Cellulose fabric HX series and YT are treated with the following characteristics

1. High anti-wrinkle and anti-shrinkage, durable washing;

2. Durable and washable mechanical machinability;

3. The tension caused by resin processing is reduced to the minimum, and the anti-chloroplast is good;

4. Increase the water wash fastness of many direct dyes;

5. Enhance resistance to hydrolysis caused by acid or acid release;

6. Do not change color due to heat treatment;

7. Extremely low surface residual formaldehyde, greatly reducing the textile processing, the product of the product of the product of the tendency of the stink of the fumalin;

8. No smell of fish.

2) Synthetic fiber

HX series are available for NYLON, DACRON or other hydrophobic and synthetic fibres

1. Comfortable feeling;

2. Ideal and highly elastic;

3. Highly washable and dry cleaning;

4. No surface resin phenomenon;

5. No stench occurs during storage;

6. To reduce the malfunction and pollution of the machine.

Ⅲ. Usage method

1. Fabric condition:

The fabric must be clean and must not contain any acid, alkali, salt, or other substances that are sufficient to obstruct the penetration of the resin, the normal treatment and the stability of the groove.

2. compound slot preparation:

There is no special attention and skill in the preparation of the material trough, because the quality of this quality can be proportional to the water at any time. The choice of the catalyst depends on the equipment and treatment of heat treatment. 

3. Coordination of the catalyst: 

The catalyst YT-01, YT-02, YT-03 and so on.

亚迪纳密胺泡绵是目前世界上唯一具有吸音性、阻燃性、隔热性、耐湿热稳定性、清洁性能好、密度低轻质、卫生安全性及良好的二次加工性等多项优异特性的综合性能新型环保海绵。是一种以三聚氰胺树脂为原料制造的,可弯曲、柔性的开放式泡沫,是氨基塑料族中的一种热固树脂塑料。其特点体现在其有着高开孔率精细的三维丝网结构。亚迪纳密胺泡绵作为一种化工新材料该产品广泛应用于民用、交通、军事、车辆制造、汽车工业、工厂建设、楼宇保温工程、 声学试验室、录音棚热力工程、设备装置、空调系统、航天航空航海领域、电子产品、日用清洁、高铁、轻轨、地铁、轨道交通、设备舱、风道、车门、车厢的内壁、车顶、座椅、侧墙隔热、地板等需要排水的地方以及发动机周边。亚迪纳密胺泡绵的隔音隔热效果出众,并且比传统的隔音隔热棉质量轻,减轻整车重量,提高了拐弯的安全性,降低了能耗。亚迪纳密胺泡绵能够为工业降噪提供高效的方案。经过异性切割可用于汽车发动机隔热棉,引擎盖消音棉;建筑:室内阻燃软包、KTV影院阻燃消音棉、剧院、运动场、高档住宅;工业: 燃气管道、风管、热水炉、空调、厂房的降噪隔热等多个领域具有十分重要的应用价值,特别适合在有阻燃、高温、降噪需求的条件下使用,是21世纪具有巨大发展前景的新型环保材料。亚迪纳蜜胺泡绵装置吸收各方优势技术,经自主开发,创新设计,采用独创的工艺流程、先进的工艺设备及完善的控制系统,以自产的改性三聚氰胺树脂为主要原料生产新型环保材料,亚迪纳蜜胺泡绵整套装置性能成熟、可靠、稳定。 

亚迪纳密胺泡绵轻质,密度仅为(8-11Kg/m³), 可以按照要求分切不同厚度和各种形状,可以根据要求在表面贴膜,无粉尘和纤维脱落,安全对人体无害,高防火和吸声性能,亚迪纳密胺泡绵是具有高防火性能和高吸声性能的三聚氰胺海绵。亚迪纳密胺泡绵其超轻的质量(8-11Kg/m³)用来取代传统玻璃纤维棉可以大大减轻重量。亚迪纳密胺泡绵可通过欧洲各项航空,火车,建筑等标准。 可以在低温-200℃高温达240℃环境使用,面可以根据要求贴附膜。可以使用粘结剂接在安装区域,但在粘接前需要清洁表面,可以使用其机械固定的方式固定。