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Yadina r&d and production of melamine foam with its magical efficiency of resisting the non-toxic health, to remove stubborn stains, the world famous commodity traders called nano sponge is also known as magic, magic sponge to wipe, clean sponge. It is different from other cleaning products, which can be used to remove stains effectively without any chemical detergents or soap. Its unique physical decontamination ability can be applied to tile, leather clothing, doors, leather seats, hub, etc. The emergence of adinimine foam quickly replaced traditional cleaning tools worldwide.  

Ⅰ. General dimensions of Yadina mylamine foam:  

Yadina melamine foam can be cut into any size, and the current market size is 10*6*2cm, 10*7*3cm, 9*6*3cm, 11.7*6.1*2.5 cm, etc. The Yadina mylamine foam can be used as an enhanced model after the heat pressure. With other materials such as baijiboua, it can be used as a cleaning tool with higher added value. Currently exported to European and American countries sponge, increasingly by domestic more and more consumer recognition, the denali melamine foam cleaning ability and no chemical detergent can decontamination of a healthy lifestyle.  

Ⅱ. Usage:

 1. Nano-sponges (magic) nano-sponges are cleaned and soaked in clear water. They do not need detergent, skin care, easy to use, and can be arbitrarily cut in size.

 2. Gently squeeze out the excess water with your hands. Don't twist it.  

 3. Gently wipe the area that needs cleaning, can decontamination. When wiping goods, do not force too large, lest damage easy to crack the goods; 

 4. Wipe the dirt off after cleaning. 

 5. After the use of the nanometer (magic) nano-sponge clean wipe in the water to soak, not wring, dirt can be dissolved by itself, reuse. The volume of the product will gradually decrease due to wear and tear in the process of use. Please treat it as non-combustible when discarding. Do not use acidic bleach after washing and drying.

Ⅲ. Product features:  

1. Don't need any detergent, just use water to easily stain!

2. Suitable for surface is wide, suitable for household, kitchen, bathroom, office supplies, office supplies, household appliances, stainless steel products, bathroom products, glass products, ceramic tile, leather sofa, automobiles, furniture, wood, etc.  

3. Clean dirt can easily stain the dirt that the cleaner can't clean.

4. Easy to use, can be cut into any shape as needed.  

5. High-tech green new product, made of extremely small fibers, easy to clean stubborn stains.

Ⅳ. Functional description : 

1. The nanometer sponge cleanser is made up of a spongy structure consisting of a super-fine fiber consisting only of one millionth of a hair.  

2. The nanometer sponge cleaning is a consumable, similar to the eraser, as the number of use increases gradually

Ⅴ. It is recommended that you use caution in the following situations:

1. Oil pollution especially serious places (such as: smoke lampblack machine, haven't clean stoves, etc.), because of the heavy oil can and closely adsorbed (magic) nano sponge cleaning brush, it is difficult to wash down, so the situation is not recommended, you can use cleaner surface oil to be removed, further dirt to wipe dry with clean again.

2. For leather products, cleaning and erasing is the most obvious effect on leather. Because (magic) nano sponge cleaning brush adsorption ability is very strong, easy to rub off or dyed color of leather products to best in inconspicuous place try to wipe, satisfied with the large area is used again.  

For screen painting of electronic products (such as computers, TV, camera, etc.), because of concerns about coating process lieutenant general wiped to wipe off will affect the viewing effect, so as to avoid cleansing this kind of screen.  

4. When wiping the electrical products, remember to wipe off the excess water and wipe off the excess water, so as to avoid electric shock

Nano sponge can effectively clean the dirt, grime and dirt, scale, soap scum, etc., the hard, smooth surface, such as pottery and porcelain, plastic, glass, stainless steel, can play a good decontamination effect more. Nano-sponges can be arbitrarily cut into different sizes to facilitate the use of different objects or ranges. The scope of its application is very wide:
1.Ceramics: dishes, tableware, tea sets, toilets, bathtubs, tugs, urinals, mosaics, tiles, etc.
2. Plastic products: plastic table and chair, steel window, shower room, children's toys, plastic slippers, plastic garbage can and other stains.
3. Office equipment such as desk, computer (keyboard), printer, copier, fax machine, telephone, pen, ink and other surface stains.
4. Electrical appliances: TV, refrigerator, washing machine, air conditioner, microwave oven, electric fan, rice cooker, disinfecting cupboard, etc
5.Glass products: window glass, decorative glass, vase, lamps and lanterns stain.
6.Leather goods: automobile and interior decoration, leather furniture, sofa, leather bags, travel shoes and other stains, after cleaning, need to be maintained by leather lubricant.
7.Hardware products: locks, switches and sockets, wires, knives and other stains.

8.All kinds of shoes clean and decontamination

Widely used in: civil, industrial, construction, transportation, aviation, military, daily chemical, electronic information and other fields