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Car making

In Yadina melamine foam excellent acoustic characteristics, its products of high thermal insulation, fire safety, high atomization performance, high chemical resistance, environmental characteristics and the characteristics of light weight in automobile industry increasingly reflects its value. The addenamine foam can fully satisfy the growing noise demand of the vehicle manufacturing industry. The denali with PVC film, melamine foam carpet, non-woven fabric, PU board materials such as composite and wool, fiber, metal, plastic molding and can adjust the shape of the parts, it can be used in the equipment tank, air duct, doors, walls, roof, seat of the compartment, side wall thermal insulation, floor and surrounding sound insulation, heat insulation parts and engine muffler. The suction device of the pressure layer is suitable for the installation of the cover and transmission piping in front of the car engine cover, the front of the body end wall. Because the parts of the core of the yadiamine foam can output relatively high flexural strength compared with other sound absorbing materials, the wear reduction of the joints is realized. As a result of its excellent composite properties, addenamine foam is also used in engine room muffler use, such as heat insulating silencing made by addenamine foam and aluminum foil. The acoustical properties of inlaid inlays made by the adinamine foam can reduce the noise level in the driving chamber. It is also used as a filler in the automotive industry because of its elastic, lightweight and excellent acoustics. The lightweight properties of the amines foam produced by adina (6-12kg/m cubed) reduce the weight of the vehicle, improve the safety of turning and reduce the energy consumption. At present, the south car north car group has used melamine foam as the insulation material. The sound insulation effect of the micamine-soaked foam produced by adina is outstanding, and the integrated muting coefficient NRC=0.95 is the highest absorption coefficient in the existing foam material. With the characteristics of its b1-level flame retardant, no flame retardant can be used to meet the flame retardant standard of national automobile parts.

Widely used in: civil, industrial, construction, transportation, aviation, military, daily chemical, electronic information and other fields