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Architectural acoustics

Yadina melamine foam height sound-absorbing ability and fire characteristics, in line with the GB/T8624-2006 B1 level flame retardant standard, and do not need to add flame retardant medium), and has the characteristics of the popular and elegant, make its widely application in the field of architecture. To Yadina melamine foam made of acoustics and noise control products can provide effective voice for almost all environmental solutions, from the studio, sound room, office, classroom, restaurant, theater, stadium to industrial assembly line. The suspended absorbing-board system made with Yadina mylamine foam was used in the shooting range, stadium and skating rink to reduce noise. Its high absorption capacity, lighter weight, higher fire safety performance and simple cable structure construction techniques are fully reflected in these applications. The effect of the acoustical effect on the acoustical effect of Yadina miamimine foam with decorative acoustics, suspension absorber and metal ceiling board is remarkable. More importantly, it will inspire people to design. With its unique safety and clean properties and excellent acoustics, Yadina micamine-soaked foam has always been the best choice for radio designers and acoustic engineers. The sound solution based on Yadina miamamide foam is the voice solution of noisy world. For example, if staff are constantly disturbed by the noise of adjacent corridors, even the most well-designed offices will be inefficient; Who would be more willing to eat in a restaurant with the clink of a plate? In order to improve civil building acoustics effect, the restaurant corridor of condole top, sound-absorbing ceiling, indoor soft bag wall, office partition, lightweight sandwich wall can by Yadina melamine foam MianHe metal board, gypsum board, cloth or plastic composite. Another interesting application of Yadina mylamine foam in the field of architecture involves lining the interior of the roller shutter. It not only has the function of insulation, but also reduces the noise of the shutter roller operation. It is also used to reduce noise insulation on the edge of the soundproof window. Yadina melamine foam has excellent sound absorption, flame retardancy and high temperature resistance. Unique open - hole three-dimensional structure can effectively block sound waves. The performance of Yadina mylamine foam is much higher than that of other traditional materials. The muffler coefficient NRC=0.95, more than most traditional materials. The easy cutting ability of Yadina mylamine foam can be combined with aluminum foil or plastic film. Applied to ceiling, soft pack furniture, wall, partition, sandwich, pipe wall, etc. Due to its excellent sound insulation, high temperature resistance, high temperature resistant peak at 240 ℃), easy cutting, can be processed into flame retardant cotton, sound-absorbing cotton, space, sound absorption, high temperature resistant, flame retardant cotton soft package. It is widely used in conference rooms, halls, studios, restaurants, gymnasiums, natatorium, art center, theatre, etc.

Widely used in: civil, industrial, construction, transportation, aviation, military, daily chemical, electronic information and other fields