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Textile printing

Stiffening agent HX80


HX modified melamine resin, melamine and formaldehyde by the condensation of etherification product, the department has the best performance and use one of the most popular textile resin finishing agent, has been widely and widely used in textile industry, such as applied to plant trees flannelette, silk cloth, non-woven cloth, wedding dress, bags fabric, lining, lining cloth, mesh cloth, tent cloth, coated cloth, lace cloth, etc., to provide cellulose fiber lasting wrinkle resistance, shrinkage and hydrophobic, synthetic fiber such as polyamine, polyester and other persistent styling and solid feeling.

Ⅰ. Product features

1. Appearance: transparent viscous liquid;

2. Effective ingredients::80.0 ±.2%;

3. PH value:8.0 - 10.0;

4. Viscosity (25 degrees) :800 -1000cps;

5. Free formaldehyde:0.4-0.6%;

6. Storage stability: the cool ventilation can be stored for 3 months.

7. Solubility: can dissolve at any rate in water, with some acid can form colloid;

8. The use of sex: can be with most textile auxiliaries and bath;

9. Stability in bath tank: more than 5 hours.

Ⅱ. Characteristics of processed products

1) Cellulose fabric HX series and YT are treated with the following characteristics

1. High anti-wrinkle and anti-shrinkage, durable washing;

2. Mechanical and mechanical processing of durable washable;

3. The tension of resin processing was reduced to the minimum, and the resistance to chloroplast was better.

4. Increase the fastness of many direct dyes;

5. To resist the hydrolysis caused by acids or acids.

6. Not discoloured by heat treatment;

7. Extremely low cloth residual formaldehyde, greatly reducing the textile processing, the product of the product of the product of the tendency of the smell of the fumalin;

8. No smell of fish.

2)Synthetic fiber

HX series are available for NYLON, DACRON or other hydrophobic and synthetic fibres

1. Comfortable feeling;

2. Ideal and highly elastic;

3. Highly washable and dry cleaning;

4. No surface resin phenomenon;

5. No stench occurs during storage;

6. Reduce the mechanical processing failure and pollution.

Ⅲ. Method of use

1. Fabric conditions:

The fabric must be clean and must not contain any acid, alkali, salt or any other substance that is sufficient to obstruct the osmosis of the resin, normal treatment, and the stability of the tank.

2. Feeding system:

No special precautions and techniques are needed for the preparation of the tank. For this quality room temperature, it can be arbitrarily proportional to water. The selection of catalyst determines the equipment and treatment of heat treatment. 3. Cooperation of catalyst: the catalyst YT- 01, YT- 02, YT- 03, etc.


Widely used in the textile industry